martedì 22 marzo 2011

Giveaway 1426 – Orecchini “Hot Chocolate” (20-05-11)

giveaway-funny-fimo Funny Fimo ha organizzato un Giveaway su facebook. In palio gli Orecchini Hot Chocolate e un buono sconto del 20%.
I vincitori saranno 2 e verranno decretati tramite estrazione. Il Giveaway termina il 20/05/2011
Per leggere le regole, vedere i premi e partecipare visita il seguente link:
Link al Giveaway

2 commenti:

hi , can u post more giveaways open internationally because most of the italian facebook giveaways I can't enter even though I would like to .

Hi Va!
Thank you for your comment! Right now our purpose is not to collect international giveaways but especially those in italian available for italian audience (they're so many!); just ocasionally we also list worldwide ones if we think they're interesting (and we always specify if they're open worldwide, by adding "giveaway internazionale [...] (eng)"). For those who want to partecipate also to international giveaways we're collecting some website links, even your (that's a work in progress list xD); you can find them at the bottom of the sidebar.
Hope that's clear enough. Thank you so much for your visit =)

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